Successful correction of nail deformations with nail braces


The treatment with braces provides a gentle alternative to correct ingrown nails and nail deformations, helping deformed nails to regain their natural, healthy growth. This medical treatment can avoid surgical interventions and quickly and lastingly relieves discomfort in an almost painless manner. Similar to dental braces, 3TO braces correct the natural nail growth.

The efficiency of this treatment method is proven: specialist chiropodist literature cites numerous practical examples describing the successful treatment with 3TO braces. And this is no longer a secret: More than 8000 podolgists, chiropodists and physicians in Germany now offer treatment with 3TO braces. 

Patients who were treated with nail braces are satisfied with both the medical and cosmetic results. They are grateful for the quick relief and lasting therapy success: a method which deals with the problems where they originate: under the nail rim.

Treatment with the 3TO Brace

Treatment period: 12 months
Photos: Frau Barbara Lauer, Hanau

Treatment with podofix

Treatment period: 3 months
Photos: Herr Dr. Norbert Scholz, Krefeld

Treatment with PODOSTRIPE

Treatment period: 4 months
Photos: Beatrix Negel-Riegel, Berlin

Treatment with COMBIped

Treatment period: 2 months
Photos: Frau Rosi Maurer, Münster

Treatment also possible on small toes