Treatment options for ingrown and involuted nails

Chiropodists, podologists or physicians can offer assistance with ingrown nails. There are a number of proven treatment options available for Unguis Incarnatus.

Braces instead of surgery

Unfortunately, extremely painful surgical interventions (such as the Emmert operation or Onychectomy) to reduce the nail bed are still offered today. During the operation, which is carried out under local anaesthetics, the skin area around the nail concerned is cut to the bone and part of the nail bed - where the nail growth originates (nail matrix) - is removed. This aims to narrow the subsequently growing nail. Recurrence figures, however, are very high after such operations. The surgical removal of the entire nail is equally painful and often unsuccessful.

Corrective nail braces

Another, non-surgical treatment option is the application of a nail brace. Corrective nail braces from 3TO are a gentle alternative to correct nail deformations. They encourage natural, healthy nail growth. This medical treatment can avoid surgical interventions, is almost painless and quickly and lastingly relieves discomfort.

Similar to dental braces, nail braces correct the natural growth of the nail.

3TO nail braces are adapted individually and can generally be fitted immediately and without anaesthetics, providing noticeable relief for the patient. To attach such a brace to the nail only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable. During the treatment, everyday activities, sports and water activities usually are not affected.

Not only is the treatment of ingrown or involuted nails with braces much more gentle than surgery, it has also proven to be significantly more successful. This method has therefore established itself as a successful and gentle alternative to painful surgical interventions. Podofix provides an innovative method for correcting all kinds of ingrown and involuted nails. This type of nail correction is suitable for almost everyone, including infants, diabetic patients and persons allergic to nickel. Therapists and patients alike are convinced by its medical and cosmetic results.

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