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Do I need training lessons in order to use 3TO's nail correction braces?

If you woud like to use the classical three-piece 3TO-brace it is necessary to visit a day seminar. All the other braces (3TO PLUS+, podofix, PODOSTRIPE and COMBIped) may be used without getting training lessons as they are way easier to use.

Wire braces or adhesive braces? Which are the stronger ones?

Wire braces are definitely stronger in their effect. Still adhesive braces do have other benefits: there is no risk of hurting your patient (as there is no wire). Also using adhesive braces is much easier and faster than using wire braces.

Do I need more than one brace in range?

We recommend that you have at least one wire brace and one adhesive brace in your range. This way you make sure to react to your patient's problem in a flexible way.

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