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The intelligent adhesive-wire brace

The COMBIped® adhesive-wire brace is particularly effective for ingrown and involuted nails. One side of the nail brace is gently hooked under the nail rim and the flat plastic pad is glued to the other side of the nail's surface of the ingrown toenail, promoting the natural growth of the unguis incarnatus (ingrown toenail). This brace can even be applied if the surrounding tissue is inflamed. Due to its particularly flat shape and the lasting effect of the spring wire on the nail, the COMBIped® corrective nail brace combines maximum comfort with optimal treatment results.

Fields of application

The COMBIped brace is suitable for treating deformed and painful ingrown or involuted nails. It allows using a wire brace even if only one side of the nail rim is accessible.

Depending on its application, the brace either works on one or both sides of the nail.

The new COMBIped adhesive-wire brace was developed based on the success factors of both the original 3TO brace and the podofix active adhesive brace and combines the advantages of these two proven brace types.

The COMBIped brace may only be applied by qualified and experienced medical staff.

Mode of operation

The COMBIped brace combines the strength of wire braces with the advantages of adhesive braces.

One side of the brace consists of a spring wire which is hooked under the nail. The other side is fitted with a plastic pad which is easily glued to the nail. With the restoring torque of the wire, the COMBIped brace has a lasting effect on the nail and can actively correct the nail shape on one or both sides. The long-term effect quickly brings visible results and success.

With the restoring torque of the wire, the COMBIped brace exercises a constant, gentle bending force on the nail, which allows correcting even strongly deformed nails. The force applied to the nail can be adapted to the diagnosis by selecting a suitable wire strength and by slightly pre-bending the wire.

The brace is available in three different strengths: SOFT - MEDIUM - HARD

Treatment procedure

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