Treatment of ingrown toenails with the 3TO brace






The three-piece 3TO brace

The 3TO-Spange can be used for ingrown and involuted toenails. The ends of the brace are gently hooked under the nail rim and tied up with a loop on the nail plate. This slightly lifts the ingrown nail out of the nail fold, enabling it to regain its normal growth. This orthonyxic brace by 3TO has been effectively used for many years for the treatment of deformed nails - not least because it does not interfere with the patient's everyday life.

Fields of application

The 3TO-Spange provides successful treatment of light and severe cases of ingrown and involuted nails. Even if the surrounding tissue is inflamed, 3TO-Spangen can be used to promote natural nail growth. This treatment is administered by specially trained 3TO therapists (chiropodists, podologists, physicians).


Small hooks are formed at both ends of the wire brace and then hooked under the nail rims. By twisting the centre loop, the nail rims are slightly lifted and pressure is relieved from the surrounding tissue. Natural nail growth is promoted, returning the nail to its normal shape.

Course of treatment

Following the examination and diagnosis of the nail problem, a brace can be fitted in most cases of ingrown or involuted toenails.

Depending on the actual case, the brace stays on the nail for several weeks and grows with it. Neither leisure nor professional activities will be affected during the treatment, thus guaranteeing the highest level of comfort for the patient. If required, the brace may have to be repositioned towards the back of the nail and tension may have to be readjusted after a while.

This therapy method is suitable for all age groups and can also be used for persons allergic to nickel and for diabetic patients.

Successful Treatments