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Here you can find the information videos about the 3TO braces. Please note that the videos are for information purposes only and do not replace the instructions for use and the safety instructions contained therein.

3TO-Spange (with classic U-loops)

The three-piece 3TO brace
The 3TO brace can be used for ingrown and involuted toenails. The ends of the brace are gently hooked under the nail rim and tied up with a loop on the nail plate. This slightly lifts the ingrown nail out of the nail fold, enabling it to regain its normal growth. This orthonyxic brace by 3TO has been effectively used for many years for the treatment of deformed nails - not least because it does not interfere with the patient's everyday life.


3TO-Spange (with 3TO-loop)

INFINITELY SIMPLE. INFINITELY TEARPROOF. The new loop for the original. Test it yourself. Two clasp legs made of spring steel wire are provided with small hooks and hung under the nail edges. The attachment is hardly noticeable. By twisting the 3TO-loop (middle loop) the nail edges are slightly lifted and the surrounding tissue is relieved. The natural nail growth is supported and the nail is brought back into shape.



As simple as a plaster!
With the PODOSTRIPE Glue-on Brace, it is now even easier for podiatrists to relieve their patients of pain and discomfort. PODOSTRIPE Glue-on Brace therapy establishes healthy nail growth. By lifting an ingrown nail immediately the PODOSTRIPE brace can provide instant pain relief and thus spontaneous improvement of the patient's general condition. The patented technology of PODOSTRIPE combines all advantages of modern orthonyxia in one product: user friendly handling and maximum hold on all nails. Thanks to the soft material the brace can be used on all nail shapes and in nearly all cases involving deformed, painful ingrown and involute nails. PODOSTRIPE is also suitable for the cosmetic correction of deformed nails and for use by diabetics. It can be applied by experienced foot experts as well as by beginners. In addition, PODOSTRIPE guarantees immediate pain relief for the patient and is nearly invisible.



The active glue-on brace
Podofix provides an innovative method for correcting all types of ingrown and involuted nails. This kind of nail correction is suitable for almost everyone, including infants and diabetic patients. Therapists and patients alike are convinced by its medical and cosmetic results. Podofix provides a gentle alternative for the correction of nail malformations and helps deformed nails to regain their natural, healthy growth. With this simple application method, surgery can be avoided and discomfort can be eased and permanently relieved in a quick and pain-free manner. Podofix is adapted to the individual nail shape and can be applied immediately, noticeably relieving discomfort for the patient in most cases. Attaching and activating the brace only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable. Even during the treatment, the patient will hardly have to reckon with any restrictions in everyday life, during sports or in the water.



The intelligent adhesive-wire brace
The COMBIped adhesive-wire brace is particularly effective for ingrown and involuted nails. One side of the nail brace is gently hooked under the nail rim and the flat plastic pad is glued to the other side of the nail's surface of the ingrown toenail, promoting the natural growth of the unguis incarnatus (ingrown toenail). This brace can even be applied if the surrounding tissue is inflamed. Due to its particularly flat shape and the lasting effect of the spring wire on the nail, the COMBIped corrective nail brace combines maximum comfort with optimal treatment results.



The unique patented technology ensures 100% perfect adaption to every nail shape due to the particularly flexible wire. Faster and better results arise from the significantly improved force action. The brace sides are suitable for all nail widths and shapes without modification. Furthermore the hook is partly prefabricated and only needs to be adjusted to the nail thickness. An easy but professional wire brace - simple and effective. The 3TO PLUS+ brace provides maximum comfort for the patient and immediate pain relief.