xxx3TO PLUS+® product line termination

In May 2021 the new EU regulation on medical devices (MDR) will come into force. According to this regulation, all medical devices on the market and thus also all nail correction braces must be recertified.

For us, as a company producing in Germany, is this a considerable personnel and financial expenditure. It is therefore not possible for us to implement the certification for all our product lines.

Therefore we are unfortunately forced to withdraw the 3TO PLUS+® braces from the market. We regret this very much because we consider this system to be a very attractive product, but our other braces are more popular with users.

PODOSTRIPE®, podofix®, COMBIped® and the 3TO brace® will be newly certified and will be available as usual.

As of 31.12.2020, the sale of the 3TO PLUS+® braces will be discontinued.

Thank you very much for your understanding.